Monica Mendel Bensoussan, alum of The WHP (Montreal 09), and Karen Sigman, alum of The WHP (Montreal 09), on receiving The Gertrude and Henry Plotnick Young Leadership Award in Montreal.

Marci Glazer, alum of The WHP (SF 11), on being named Interim Executive Director of the San Francisco JCC.

Eric Goldstein, alum of The WHP (New York 3), on being named CEO of UJA-Federation of New York.

Einat Hurvitz, member of The WIF (Class 26), on receiving The Gallanter Prize for Emerging Israeli Social Justice Leaders by the New Israel Fund at their Annual Guardian of Democracy Dinner in San Francisco.

Elie Kaunfer, alum of The WGF (Class 15), upon receiving a DHL in Liturgy from JTS, in New York, AND to Elie and his wife Lisa on the birth of a son, Yaniv Nir.

Leon Morris, alum of The WGF (Class 4), for being honored at The Limmud Annual Dinner in New York.

Aaron Panken, alum of The WGF (Class 8), on his inauguration as President of HUC-JIR.

Jonathan Schreiber, alum of The WGF (Class 5), on receiving the Alan J. Kassin Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement from JCPSC. 

Jan Uhrbach, alum (Class 10), for rejoining the JTS faculty as Director of Liturgical Arts, spearheading a new initiative utilizing the resources of JTS to revitalize prayer in the Conservative Movement and beyond.

Michael Zoosman, alum of The WGF (Class 16), who has been named Board Certified Chaplain by the NAJC (Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplain).



Shani Bechhofer, alum of The WGF (Class 3), and her husband Yosef, on the birth of a grandson, Moshe Yehuda Federgrun, and a granddaughter, Penina Bechhofer.  

Maya Bernstein, faculty at the Wexner Heritage Program’s Summer Institute in July, and her husband Noam Silverman, alum of the WGF (Class 17), on the birth of a daughter, Niva Hallel.

Susan Borison, alum of The WHP (Cleveland 05), and her husband Daniel, on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Jacob.

Beth Cousens, alum of The WGF (Class 14), and her husband Joel, on the birth of a son, Milo Cousens Aufrecht.

Rachel Lerner, alum of The WGF (Class 21), and her husband Aaron Lerner, alum of the WGF (Class 22), on the birth of a daughter, Ziva Maor.

Ali Pincus, a member of The WHP (San Francisco 14) , and her husband Mark, on the birth of a son, Wyatt Theodore.

Hindy Poupko, alum of The WGF (Class 19), and her husband Seth, on the birth of a son, and Arna Poupko Fisher, faculty member, and her husband Bobby, on the birth of a grandson named Akiva Max, (Baruch Akiva).

Allen Selis, alum of The WGF (Class 15), on his marriage to Gila Vinokur on July 6th.

Ariana Silverman, alum of The WGF (Class 16), and her husband Justin, on the birth of a daughter.  



Wendy Amsellem, faculty and alum of The WGF (Class 13), on the death of her father, Andre Amsellem z”l.

Devin Schain, member of The WHP (Washington DC 13), on the death of his mother, Wendy Schain z”l.


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