Karen Berman, WHP Alum (New York 1), on being named CEO of the American Society of University of Haifa.

Beth Cousens, WGF Alum (Class 14), on becoming head of JFNA’s new Jewish Education and Engagement office.

Josh Cypess, WGF Alum (Class 9), on receiving his PhD from Brandeis University.

Misha Galperin, WHP Alum (NY/Kekst), on becoming President of ZANDAFI Philanthropy Advisors.

Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, WGF Alum (Class 2), on becoming Chief Program and Strategy Officer at Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

Penina Grossberg, WGF Alum (Class 5), on becoming Project Manager of the Ruskay Institute at the UJA-Jewish Federation of New York.

David Hyman, WHP Alum (Philadelphia 1), and his wife Farah Jimenez on being honored by Congregation Kol Ami in Elkins Park, PA.

Eli Kornreich, WGF Alum (Class 6), on his appointment as Executive Director of the Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, NY.

Noam Pianko, WGF Alum (Class 11), on the publication of his new book, Jewish Peoplehood: An American Innovation, by Rutgers University Press.

Hindy Poupko, WGF Alum (Class 19), on being named managing director of the Commission on the Jewish People, UJA-Federation of New York.

Vanessa Ressler, WHP Alum (Miami 11), on receiving the Kol HaKavod Award from Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach.

David Rosenn, WGF Alum (Class 5), on becoming Executive Director of the Hebrew Free Loan Society.

Irine Schweitzer, WGF Alum (Class 2), on receiving a doctorate in psychoanalysis from Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

Michal Smart, WGF Alum (Class 6), on receiving a Mayberg Jewish Education Innovation Challenge grant on behalf of her school, Bi-Cultural Day School, in Stamford, CT.

Carole Sterling, WHP Alum (Toronto 1), on her election as Chair of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

Chaim Strauchler, WGF Alum (Class 12), on receiving a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Jewish Educational Center in Elizabeth, NJ.

Jan Uhrbach, WGF Alum (Class 10), on her appointment as Director of the Block/Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts at JTS.

Howard Weiner, WHP Alum (Connecticut), and his wife Patti on being honored by Beth El Temple in West Hartford, CT.​



Elka Abrahamson, President of The Wexner Foundation, and her husband Misha Zinkow on the marriage of their son, Elan Zinkow, to Orly Nussbaum.

Nancy Beren, WHP Alum (Houston), and her husband Larry Jefferson on the marriage of their son, Alexander, to Erica Kimmel.

Joshua Chadajo, WGF Alum (Class 12), and his wife Natalie on the birth of their son, ​Caleb Salem.

Miriam Farber Wajnberg, WGF Alum (Class 23), and her husband Beni on the birth of their son, Shai Lev.

Marc Herman, WGF Alum (Class 12), and his wife Debbie Rybak on the birth of their son, Hillel Aharon.

Jaclyn Hirsch, Assistant to the Director of the Wexner Heritage Program, on her marriage to Alex Szaruga.

Robin Judd, WGF Alum (Class 5), and Kenny Steinman, WHP Alum (Columbus 11), on the bar mitzvah of their son, Gavi.

Ray Lavin, WHP Alum (Chicago 1), and his wife Lori on the marriage of their son.

Tsachi Mushkin, WIF Alum (Class 14), and his wife Keren on the marriage of their daughter, Keren, to Doron.

Anna Ostrovsky, WHP Alum (New York RSJ), and her husband Elad on the birth of their son, Lior Yahel.

Justin Pines, WGF Fellow (Class 26), and his wife Tali, and Alan Pines, WHP Alum (MetroWest 08) and his wife Elisa, on the birth of their daughter and granddaughter, Olivia Charlotte.

Paulina Morris, WHP Alum (Phoenix 09), on her bat mitzvah.​



Jeff Cohen, WHP Alum (MetroWest 08), on the death of his mother, Rita Cohen z”l.

Alison Himel, WHP Alum (Toronto 1), on the death of her mother, Malka Green z”l.

Gil Mann, WHP Alum (Minneapolis), on the death of his father, Arie Mann, z”l.

Mike Sims, WHP Alum (Dallas 13), on the death of his mother, Chris Bachant z”l.