Dr. Tamar Elram, WIF (Class 22), on becoming the new Director of the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem.

Rob Bildner and Elisa Spungen-Bildner, WHP (Metrowest), on being honored by the The US Holocaust Museum at their annual gala.

Josh Feigelson, WGF (Class 14), on becoming the new Dean of Students at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

Barb Gelb, WGF (Class 4), on being awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Jewish Non-Profit Management from HUC-JIR.

Seth W. Goren, WGF (Class 16), on becoming the Vice President at Hillel Ontario.

Yogev Gradus, WIF (Class 27), on being appointed Deputy Director of Budgets.

Ben Jacobs, WGF (Class 11), on being one of three authors of the newly published book Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education.

Chaled Kabub, WSL 2017, on becoming Vice President of the Tel Aviv District Court.

Jane Kanarek, WGF (Class 13), on the publication of her new book Mothers in the Jewish Cultural Imagination, which also features two chapters by Wexner alumni Deena Aranoff, WGF (Class 11) and Mara Benjamin, WGF (Class 10).

Shana Kantor,  WGF (Class 15), on becoming the Director of Advancement at the Frankel Jewish Academy.

Yoni Laufer, WSL (2015), on becoming Head of the Human Resources Department, El Al.

Elisheva Massel, WGF (Class 26), on becoming the Advisor to CEO David Schizer at the Joint Distribution Committee.

Julie Platt, WHP (LA/Bear Stearns) and Marc Platt WHP (LA/ Endeavor), on co-chairing the upcoming JFNA General Assembly in Los Angeles.

Yuval Ran, WIF (Class 28), on becoming Chief Medical Commander, Central Command in the IDF.

Andrew Scheer, WGF (Class 24), and wife Tali for their feature in the New York Times article “A Rabbi Finds Love on Tinder”.

Orna Simchon, WSL 2017, on publishing her book Staying on the Wheel and her appointment as Director of Educational TV (in addition to her position as Director of the Northern Region in the Ministry of Education).

Eyal Yakobson,WIF (Class 28), on becoming Chief of Staff, Director General’s Office at the Ministry of Health.


Rabbi Elka Abrahamson, (President of The Wexner Foundation), and husband Rabbi Misha Zinkow on the marriage of their daughter Yael to Molly Hoffman.

Amit Becher, WIF (Class 29), on the birth of his daughter, Omer.

Moria Charka, WIF (Class 22), on the birth of her grandchild.

Dalit Dror,  WIF (Class 9), on the birth of her grandchildren.

Maurit Beeri, WIF (Class 20), and Ronen Beeri on the marriage of their son.

Yogev Gavish, WIF (Class 29), on the birth of his son, Rom.

Nurit Israeli, WIF (Class 2), on the birth of her grandchild.

Aaron Portman, WGF (Class 30), on his recent marriage to wife Dena Edelman.

Tomer Sharoni, WIF (Class 27), and his wife Tamar on the birth of their daughter, Ofri.

Erin Cooper Stiebel, WGF (Class 21), and her husband David on the birth of their son, Levi Yitzchak.

Nir Yannay, WIF (Class 29), on the birth of his son, Shachar.


Merav Horsandi, WIF (Class 27), on the death of her father, Rahamim Horsandi z”l.


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