Pictured: Top Left to Right: Iris Wagner (Montreal), Lori Weitzman
(Montreal), Eta Blitzer (Montreal), Lewis Dobrin (Montreal),  Helen
Levy  (Montreal), Tina Apfeld Rosenthal (Montreal 09), Andrea Daniels
Rosenbloom, (Montreal 09), Angela Lehrer.  Bottom Left to Right: Rabbi
Ed Feinstein, Jonathan Goodman (Montreal 09), Joel Shalit, (Montreal
09), Lynn Garfinkle Etinsen (Montreal 09), Mark Kaplan.

“Rabbi Ed Feinstein gave a talk last night in a public lecture at the Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal, open to the entire community, and he was amazing! More than 300 people attended. I was able to add on a special Wexner Alumni Breakfast & Learn the next morning on the Book of Ruth and, again, Rabbi Feinstein was awesome. What a wonderful human being as well. Erica Brown is delivering The Steinberg Lecture this evening at Shaar Hashomayim. My cup runneth over.”

Lewis Dobrin is a Wexner Heritage Alum (WHA) from the original Montreal class 2000 and also serves as a delegate to the WHA Council. In 2007, Lewis led the fundraising initiative to bring the Wexner Heritage Program back to Montreal. Lewis recently launched a Montreal Wexner Lecture Series, bringing many of the Wexner Foundation’s top faculty to Montreal, opening this to the entire community. Also in charge of the Steinberg Lecture, an annual lecture series at the Shaar endowed by his family, Lewis has brought many Jewish luminaries to Montreal. In 2011 Lewis became a full Governor of the Hebrew University, sitting on its investment committee and receiving an honorary fellowship in Jerusalem. Lewis is married to McGill Law Professor, Rosalie Jukier, and they have three wonderful children. Lewis can be reached at lewis@dbrn.ca.