Pictured: “a selfie we took while campaigning in the Machne Yehuda Market last week”

Campaigning is a roller-coaster, with days of good momentum and days of crisis…I am happy to be a part of the Kachlon Kulanu team as I believe in Moshe Kachlon and think he is an honest and brave politician who sees people and their needs.

It is not easy gaining trust of people for a new party, just two years after the previous elections, and I feel that people have become more and more cynical.

I am doing my best to bring my passion, values and professionalism in order to bring back hope and optimism. While I am out campaigning, it’s clear to me that Moshe (Kachlon) is a beloved politician — the challenge is to turn the love into votes in the ballot.

Roy Folkman, a Wexner Israel Fellowship alum (Class 24), until recently served as the policy advisor of Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Birkat, heading the strategic planning department of the Jerusalem Municipality. Roy is currently running for Knesset, ninth on the slate of Moshe Kachlon’s new party Kulanu. Roy has also held several leadership positions in the political and educational arenas, including being a member of the National Planning Committee of the Office of the Interior, CEO of the Hebrew University Student Union and teaching assistant and guest lecturer at the Hebrew University. Roy is the co-founder of New Spirit, the largest student organization in Jerusalem, which deals with internships, culture, community building and affordable housing. Roy has a BA in Economics and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University and an MA with honors at the Hebrew University’s School of Public Policy.  Last year he also received an MA in Public Administration as a Wexner Israel Fellow from Harvard Kennedy School. Roy can be reached at rfolk@inter.net.il.