WHA David Rudis (Chicago 3-99) comments on the win-win merger of JTA and My Jewish Learning. 

“The combined entity will touch more than 1 million readers monthly. Our board has made a priority of reaching and communicating with as many Jews as possible. We are a people who become a community with a minyan. 70 Faces Media (our new name) is a journalistic minyan.”

David Rudis, a Wexner Heritage Alum (Chicago 3 -99) and Delegate on the Wexner Heritage Alumni Council, has served on JTA’s  board for more than ten years, including as its President. In addition, David is a founding member of Aitz Chaim, active with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago in various projects related to its agencies and the chairman emeritus at Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ.  David has enjoyed various executive roles in commercial and consumer banking, as well as parenting his three “millennial” children. David can be reached atdjr2016@gmail.com.