Our Inaugural Summit "Stronger Together: [Re] Imagining the Israel-North American Jewish Community Relationship" concluded today. This Summit was book ended by two gatherings: the first, a year ago in Princeton, NJ, with close to 100 alumni from all of our programs; and the second one, April 25 - 27th in Zichron Yaakov, Israel.  This Wexner Summit empowered and mobilized a cadre of change agents who worked in teams over the course of this past year to alter outdated or problematic patterns in this crucial relationship and engage our circles of influence to join in the effort.  Some of the groups will be continuing on after this initial year and will want other members of the Summit and the wider Wexner Network to join them as they go to scale. There will be subsequent articles asking for your input from some of these groups.  Meanwhile, much was learned over the course of this past year. Here is a taste of what some of our participants had to say in response to their participation: