In photo: WGFA Jonathan Schreiber (Class 5) who spoke to beloved Senior Advisor Cindy Chazan along with WHP Alum Archie Gottesman (Metrowest 08), Many of our alumni gathered for a late night party to honor Cindy who will be retiring a the end of this year.

WGF Alum Aaron Dorfman (Class 14)

Loved the Wexner party for Cindy because she said, "I printed my remarks in large font so you could hear me better." Yogi Berra couldn't have delivered it with greater aplomb. We'll miss you, Cindy!


WHP Alum Julie Platt (LA/Bear Sterns) and JFNA GA Co-Chair

"I am always rejuvenated and re-energized being with people for whom this is the way they want to spend three days.  The kind of person whose priority it is to take time out of your life to be inspired and enriched - you're my kind of person."


 WGF Alum Stefanie Zelkind (Class 16) and Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Director

Mazal tov to WGF Alum Lev Meirowitz Nelson (Class 21)! I was thrilled to cheer on Lev as he, along with four other Jewish educators, received the 2017 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize at the annual Pomegranate Prize breakfast event during the JFNA GA. Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson is Director of Education at T'ruah; The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.


WHP Alum Judy Altenberg (Denver)

For me, the most important part about the GA was re-connecting with other like-minded individuals, especially women in leadership.  These times are difficult, both Jewishly and in the secular world, and knowing we have our network is critical.  Our shared values make these difficulties more palatable.


WGF Alum Melissa Weintraub (Class 14)

I spoke about how in our fractured time -- even more than consensus-building, we need to foster generative "dissensus" -- learning to live together in disagreement productively rather than destructively. How we have come to a time in which our differences can’t be sidelined, papered over or wished away. When -- to sustain shared purpose and destiny – we need healthy engagement with our differences, alongside a focus on what binds us. And how more than common ground we need meeting ground and common grappling. I also spoke about a re-imagined role for Federation as the Jewish convener who can bring us out of our respective corners for courageous, important conversation - though it will take some paradigm shifts to get there!


WGF Alum David Bryfman (Class 17)

I presented on Jewish teens in America today, or as I like to call them — the Selfie Generation who will save the world. The best and most memorable presentations, however, are still the ones that happen in the lobby and at the bar. With all of its issues, the GA is still a place where a lot of people gather, a lot of meetings occur and a lot of ideas are born.


WGF Alum Josh Feigelson (Class 14)

I presented on "Diversity in the Jewish Community" because, as our community becomes more diverse, we need to do more to acknowledge and talk about it. A take-away from the GA for me was that we need to seriously consider the idea of evangelizing — bringing in new people to the Jewish community. My favorite part about the GA was seeing my Wexner Class-14-mates Beth Cousens, Melissa Weintraub and Aaron Dorfman!  I also met WGF Alum Jeremy Bandler (Class 10) and it was exciting to hear about the work he's doing with Israeli companies in America. 


WIF Alum Gidi Grinstein (Class 13)

At 22:00 on the second day of the GA I thought it would be Cindy, the Wex team and me. Couldn't be more wrong. Not even standing room. Awesome to be a Wexner.