I took a class Monday with Maya Bernstein, who was wonderful. The theme of the day was Bein adam l’atzmo (an internal day of reflection, focusing on ourselves as leaders). The session was about immunity to change.

She walked us through a process to help us understand what holds us back and why we’d want the change. What’s our goal? What are the values behind the goal? What are conflicting values? What fears are holding us back from making the change? I had the opportunity to be the guinea pig and was able to articulate my personal leadership challenge to the class. It’s an issue I have been grappling with for a long time and it was very helpful to engage in a process that helped me gain a greater understanding of my resistance to changing the situation.

Scott Reiter is involved in both his synagogue, Ohev Sholom – The National Synagogue, and the Melvin J Berman Hebrew Academy.  Scott became President of Ohev Sholom ten years ago when it was close to folding.  During his five years as President, the synagogue became a vibrant community that continues to grow and serve as a dynamic and progressive Orthodox community. In addition to serving on the Executive Committee of his synagogue, Scott is the Secretary of the Melvin J Berman Hebrew Academy.  Scott is an antitrust attorney at the Federal Trade Commission. Scott can be reached at scottreiter@gmail.com.