The Wexner Heritage Israel Institute, entitles “Israel: Complications and Inspirations”, is off to an amazing start. Here are a few impressions from our first few days. Feel free to add your own posts below.


From ISIS fighting and a drone landing next to us on the Syrian border today, to the brewery in the West Bank yesterday, this has been one crazy whirlwind.

Danny Kates

New England 14


Today, the “One Nation Under God: Bet” group met with two brave and incredibly inspiring ultra-orthodox Jewish women who have started a feminist movement called “No Voice, No Vote” within their community. Hearing about their courageous fight and the hardships they have faced was so inspiring. They both met while working as reporters under male bylines, because nobody in their community would read an opinion written by a woman. Hearing that Facebook has been pivotal in their movement especially brought tears to my eyes – for any of us working in technology, seeing these platforms be used to give a voice to the voiceless is the most powerful use case.

Randi Zuckerberg

SF 14


Tonight in the Jerusalem sky you can see Venus and Jupiter. Feeling kinda heavenly after a very full day of learning and listening. #thxwex

Josh Weinberg

Washington DC 13


It’s a blessing to be enjoying peace w Jordan. #countourblessings

Deborah Newbrun

SF 14 (Partner)