This past Shabbat, ten leaders from across the Boston Jewish community opened their homes to the Wexner Senior Leaders ’16 for Shabbat dinner.  Everyone had a wonderful time meeting, eating and conversing late into the night.  At a point in the program when the participants are very much missing home, the Bostonians made them feel that they have a home away from home. In the words of two of the participants:

We want to thank you for an unforgettable Shabbat evening, at the service and Shabbat dinner.  As “tsabar” Israelis, getting to know your leadership work in your community has been even more inspiring than the best lectures at Harvard.  It has been not just a great pleasure but also an eye-opening experience for us.  We really appreciate your warm and friendly welcome to your home, family and community and look forward to keeping in touch.

Ilan Steiner, a Wexner Senior Leader ’16, is Director of the Currency Department and a member of the Bank of Israel’s executive management. Prior to his current position, he was Deputy Director General of the Israel Antitrust Authority. Ilan holds a PhD in Law and LLB and LLM degrees from Haifa University.  Ilan lives in Haifa with his family.


It was one of the great Shabbat dinners for me and my classmates. Far away from our families, we felt with you as close family.  In our Jewish tradition, the term Shevet Achim Yachad is well known — this weekend, we didn’t just know it; we felt it. We felt your heart and your soul; we felt at your home as brothers and sisters.  Everything was excellent in a very unique way. We loved your welcoming of us.  We enjoyed eating your food, sitting with you and talking about many things.  We want you to keep in contact with us and let us know about any upcoming trips to Israel; it would be our pleasure to have you and your families as our VIP guests.  Thank you so much. Lehitraot in Israel! 

Avi Dadon, a Wexner Senior Leader ’16, is a senior manager at the Ministry of Defense, in charge of an independent unit at the national defense level. He has a BA in Economics and Political Science from Bar Ilan University and holds a Master’s degree from the F.I.T (U.S.A). Avi lives in Rosh Ha’ayin.