When Tishrei comes early Wexner members, fellows, and alumni help each other.

The high holidays fall early this year, with Rosh Hashanah beginning on September 4th.  Some Wexner Alumni have realized their college kids will have just arrived on campus.  In cases when that campus is cross country, it is unlikely they will turn around and come back home for the high holidays.  

Thankfully, many Wexner Alumni who live near college campuses are stepping up to help, by offering to host “Wexner” kids for a home cooked meal. Some Graduate Fellowship Alumni working at universities have also signed on. Even faculty members have also joined up, with Professor Deborah Lipstadt generously offering to host kids away from home at Emory University in Atlanta.  

Marcia Cohodes, a Wexner Heritage Alumna from Minneapolis and deeply passionate about and involved in Hillel, will be coordinating the effort.  If you are interested in hosting, or treating a college kid away from home to some “Wexner” hospitality, please contact Marcia at macohodes@earthlink.net.  If you are involved in Jewish college campus life in general, either as faculty, student,  a lay leader, or parent, please join our Facebook group by clicking here to discuss issues facing Jewish students, Hillels, and all aspects of Jewish life on campuses.