The Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards celebrates exceptional Jewish teen community service leaders. Hundreds of teens from across the United States apply each year.  Ten receive a $36,000 award from the Helen Diller Family Foundation to further their vision for tikkun olam and/or to support their college education.

How do we go from hundreds of applicants to just 10 recipients? You, that’s how. Join other Wexner alumni already volunteering as Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards Review Committee members. Choosing the most extraordinary teens is a significant and inspiring undertaking, involving lay leaders throughout the United States. Two committees evaluate applications, reading both personal references and the applicants’ own impassioned narratives. Committees are made up of community members with interest and experience in teen leadership development, tikkun olam, and philanthropy.  Each committee member reads 10-15 individual applications. Our applicant pool is growing, and so is our need for thoughtful reviewers. You can work remotely and the time commitment is about ten hours (that’s $36k an hour!). Wexner Alumni stepped up last year (thank you!) and were some of our best readers – and they enjoyed themselves. If you would like more information on serving as a member of the 2014 review committee, please click here or email me.

Adam Weisberg, a Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alum from Class 2, is Director, Diller Teen Initiatives, working since 2011 with both the Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards and Diller Teen Fellows programs. Adam’s been working with Jewish youth since he was one – at Camp Tawonga for seven summers and later going back to serve as Executive Director. Adam has also worked with college kids at his alma mater as Berkeley Hillel’s Executive Director and at the Council of Jewish Federations in New York, the Jewish Agency in Israel, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Bulgaria. Adam is married to Rachel Brodie, another leader in the Bay Area Jewish community, and they have two daughters, Sophia and Ariella, who are truly lovely girls in just about every way. Adam can be reached at

Pictured: One of the 2013 recipients of The Diller Teen Tikkun Olam
Awards, Nick Lowinger, age 17, Cranston, RI. Nick collects new shoes and
donates them to children at homeless shelters, enabling kids to wear
properly fitting footwear that they would otherwise lack. His
organization, Gotta Have Sole, has gathered more than 1,000 volunteers
to help collect and donate shoes to more than 9,000 children in 15
states across the country. Nick recently expanded his efforts to support
veterans with shoe purchases.