Look at any device you are holding right now.  These days it might be appropriate to paraphrase Andy Warhol’s prescient observation…In the future, everyone will have a podcast

Indeed, there’s a ton out there and, thankfully, in the Jewish community there is a wide range of great, thought-provoking programming from Tablet Magazine’s Unorthodox to Reboot’s The Kibitz.

As a Wexner alum, I continue to look at ways to deepen my extraordinary experience of being part of the Heritage program.  I am perpetually inspired by my fellow Wexner alums – the causes they give voice to; the issues they amplify; the leadership they provide.  After reconnecting at the Wexner Summit on Social Justice in Columbus last Fall with Mike Simms, my brother-from-another-mother and WHP Alum, Dallas 13, and meeting the Pride of Cleveland — Anita Gray, WHP Alum, Cleveland 1, we all decided to put our money where our mouths are…or, in this case, our podcasting where our minds are…

So, guess what?  We are starting a podcast inspired by Wexner Summits and powered by Wexner alumni.  HEAR I AM will be the podcast about social change and social change makers. Our hear spelling is intended not to ignite any kind of confusion or copyright suit with Jonathan Safran Foer but rather stress the idea of empowerment.  Good leaders lead but they also listen and learn. 

Each installment of HEAR I AM will feature a one-on-one interview/conversation with someone making a change in the world.  What makes them tick, what ticks them off, but always, what keeps them ticking: Think Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing meets the Jewish community’s social justice warrior/leaders. The show is currently in production and under construction.  We are aiming to be up and running this Fall. Now here’s where all y’all come in! We would love to feature Wexner alums in our podcasts.  What are you doing and how can your story inspire, motivate and connect?  Talk to me.  Email me at: joshweinberg7@gmail.com.

Thanks and keep doing good out there…the world needs it!

Josh Weinberg (WHP Alum, Dallas 13) is Vice President for Multi-Platform Content Strategy at National Geographic, where he oversees production, branded entertainment and integrations across NatGeo networks, National Geographic Magazine and NatGeo’s social and digital platforms. Josh previously held positions in ad sales strategy, as well as public relations and communications at Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel.  He is a past president and current board member of YACHAD, a Jewish organization working with communities and faith partners across the Washington metropolitan area to preserve and advocate for affordable housing. Josh also served on the Board of Directors of Washington Hebrew Congregation, where he has been a lifelong member. He earned his bachelor’s degree in History from Northwestern University and holds a master’s degree in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics. Josh lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife Alyson and their daughters, Josie and Raina. Josh can be reached at joshweinberg7@gmail.com.