The Wexner Heritage Program Montreal 17 Members held their first annual family Chanukah party.  This was our opportunity to meet each other’s children and families and enjoy Chanukah together.  After our fall session of learning, we have come together as a group in friendship and in leadership.  For our Chanukah celebration, we all purchased new clothes to be donated to the local Jewish women’s shelter and we were so happy and proud to share this act of chesed with our children.  We look forward to celebrating many special occasions together in the future.  

Pam Orzeck, a current member of the Wexner Heritage Program (Montreal 17), is an assistant professor in the McGill University School of of Social Work. For the past 25 years, Pam worked as a clinical social worker with the elderly and as a research-practitioner focusing on the areas of social gerontology, social policy, family caregiving and end of life care. She recently made the career move from community health care to an academic setting.