I was privileged to serve under Shimon Peres as his Diplomatic Advisor where I gained remarkable insight into his creativity and political astuteness as a leader.  He significantly influenced my perception of the world,  teaching me the value of hope over impasse,  win-win over zero-sum and optimism in the face of challenges.  The book, No Room for Small Dreams, written in his penultimate year, perfectly captures these values while chronicling his memories from the founding days of the State of Israel.

We find ourselves today in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world yet concurrently beset with a host of very real sociopolitical challenges that are a genuine cause for concern.  The test of true leadership has never been more apparent and in this context.  President Peres’ message provides a beacon of hope for the next generation. As an advocate for tikkun olam, he devoted his career to this guiding principle, focusing on sharing prosperity and building bridges rather than divisiveness.  The Wexner Foundation shares this commitment with those seeking to make a transformative impact in the hope of a better tomorrow.  As the President’s lasting legacy, this book becomes an indispensable read for the next generation of influencers.

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Nadav Tamir, an alum of the Wexner Israel Fellowship (Class 15), is currently serving as Director for Government and International Affairs at Peres & Associates consulting firm, as well as the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.  Nadav previously served as the policy adviser to the President of the State of Israel between July of 2011 to August of 2014.  Nadav was also the Consul General of Israel in New England between 2006-2010, as well as a  former adviser to the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Prior to his time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nadav served as a political officer at Israel’s Embassy to the United States.  Before touring in Washington DC, Nadav served as policy assistant to three Foreign Ministers.  To learn more about Nadav, click here.