I just started a blog a few days ago. The focus will be on investing in Israel — for profit and for idea — with stories ranging from investing in Israeli ventures, stocks, as well as in people, philanthropic projects and Israeli organizations. I want to explore all the various ways of investing in Israel’s present and future for my own selfish reasons, as someone for whom Israel’s strength and prosperity are paramount, but hope the information will become interesting and useful to many of you with similar aspirations. Here is my first post, Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is:

I first learned that phrase as it was written in white letters on a big blue pin gifted by some rare American guest visiting my town in central Ukraine in late 80s. I liked wearing it on my denim jacket, but I don’t think I quite understood it because the notion of investing or philanthropy were as foreign as that American guest.

But times and places change and I catch myself thinking more and more about investing money — for profit or for the idea — to where my heart is: Israel.

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And if you are interested in reading my second post — which quotes Rabbi Herb Friedman’s book that we were given at the outset of our Wexner Heritage journey — that went live about an hour ago right here.

Olga Rybak, a current Heritage Member (SF 14), is the Mobile Product Manager at Wells Fargo in San Francisco. She was the Chair of Mishmash Philanthropy Group (Russian-focused Impact Grant Initiative) at Jewish Federation of San Francisco and currently serves on Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco Bay Area and on the board of Jewish LearningWorks. Olga can be reached at orybak@hotmail.com.