(Pictured) LA Wexner Heritage Alumni stop for a quick photo on their way in to a breakfast with Yitz and Blu. Photo by Shira Talia Schlessinger, daughter of hosts Dana and Evan.

Last Sunday morning more than 80 people woke up early to learn with their beloved teacher from Wexner days, Rabbi “Yitz” Greenberg and his wife, Blu. The breakfast, at the home of Dana Goodman-Schlessinger (LA/Bank of America) and Evan Schlessinger (LA 05, WHA Delegate), included a Q and A moderated by Harry Nelson (LA 05).

Here were a few of the questions:

Please describe your key principles/pillars and beliefs about Judaism: How have they changed (or you changed) since you began teaching many years ago?

Everyone has read (or heard about the results of the PEW Report). What do you think are the most important “learnings” from this research and what should we as Jewish leaders be doing differently in the future?

The gathering was co-hosted and organized by the local WHA Alumni Delegates from Los Angeles, Lisa Lainer-Fagan (LA/Bear Stearns), Alan Stern (LA/Bear Stearns), and Evan Schlessinger (LA 05), and  sponsored by Marc (LA/Endeavor) and Julie (LA/Bear Stearns) Platt.

“The event was absolutely outstanding. It was a real WOW, and what a privilege to be taught by Rabbi Yitz and Blu. Getting that large size crowd early on a Sunday morning was a huge testament to the Greenbergs, “ commented Donna Bender (LA 09).

Los Angeles Heritage alumni have also begun running group dinners (spearheaded by Rhoda Weisman, LA 1), where several alumni from different classes at a time host up to 10 other alumni who they don’t necessarily know. So far, close to 100 people have participated with several more dinners slated soon.

If you’d like to organize something similar in your own community, please contact your local Wexner Heritage Alumni Delegates or Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni.