​A good number of our alumni have written in these past few weeks about how ​challenging it has been to be a responsible and responsive Jewish leader ​since the  “Iran deal” was signed in Vienna. Last week, many of our alumni expressed deeply informed positions, both for and against the deal, and we retweeted their ​thoughtful articles — from celebration to condemnation ​— to help our network make the most informed decision possible.

Presently, alumni continue to wrestle with multiple opinions about the decision and how to guide, both personally and as leaders in the community. Our alumni on executive boards and running organizations have deliberated in emergency sessions about whether to send the email: ​a message urging their constituents to pressure Congress to reject the Iran deal. Some have decided “yes” and some “no,” and some wonder if they should just send an email saying their space is instead a safe haven for Jews to listen to each other and care for each other across difference.

They have asked ​the Foundation for non-grandstanding, deep thought pieces that explore how it will play out if Congress approves, adds conditions to, or votes down the deal, ​and what the appropriate tactic is for North American Jewish leaders ​and more.

Therefore, we have curated some ​thorough resources to help you make informed decisions.  Last week, we asked if you’d like to add to our list, and so those more recent articles now head ​this list. The invitation still stands — please email links to Angie Atkins.

Robert Satloff in The Atlantic, August 13
Orde Kittrie in The Wall Street Journal, August 12
James F. Jeffrey from The Washington Institute For Near East Policy, August 11

And earlier: 

Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institution testifies on regional implications before the Senate Committee on Foreign RelationsAugust 5
Former U.S. ​Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer on CNN.com, August 5
James Fallows in The Atlantic, August 4
David Adesnik in The Weekly Standard, July 27
Aaron David Miller in the Wall Street Journal Blog, July 24
Times of Israel on Amos Yadlin (WIFA 5), July 24
Fareed Zakaria in the Washington Post, July 23
Robert Satloff in Politico Magazine, July 16

For resources on the deal itself and/or to see a list of op-eds our own alumni have written, check our twitter feed @wexnertweets.  Below are some thoughtful analyses for your consideration:

The Washington Institute on Near East Policy
The Forward
The Atlantic
Washington Post
Arms-control expert Michael Krepon assesses the deal’s monitoring provisions
Director of the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institution, Bruce Riedel on ​an arms race in the Middle East

Primary Documents:

Full text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Vienna, July 14, 2015
President Obama takes on the deal’s critics at American University, August 5, 2015
Sen. Robert Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, criticizes the deal in his opening statement at a July hearing

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