From left bottom up and around to right bottom: Jay Liberman, Greg Schwartz (spouse), Jason Schwartz, Paul Rubin (spouse), Howard Rubin (spouse), Ashley Grossfeld (spouse), Sue Schwartz, Staci Rubin, Melani Rubin, Manuel Rajunov, Debbie Rajunov (spouse), Zev Shulkin, Dan Feldman (spouse), Lindsay Feldman, Julie Liberman (spouse)

“Dallas Wexners reunited last Saturday night to celebrate Sukkot in ​our sukkah. To honor the holiday brings a joy all its own, and to celebrate with fellow Wexner “brothers and sisters” elevated its significance through our shared experience and collective investment in observing both the spirit and the letter of this important chag.”

Sue Fox Schwartz (Dallas 13)


“It was a lovely evening in a great setting. I have sukkah envy! Thank you to Sue and Greg for having us, to Melanie for helping put it together and to all of you for your love and friendship.”

Manuel Rajunov (Dallas 13)