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Rabbi Elka Abrahamson

We accepted the responsibility to bind ourselves to the covenant. Our values invite us to reach deeply into our souls to become our best selves, to be concerned with the needs of others beyond our home, beyond our community.

The images and news emerging from our beloved Israel - your homes and communities - break my heart. I pray that you and your loved ones remain safe.

We are devastated by the news out of Israel these last hours. Joy turned in an instant to tragedy…from dancing to death in a few horrific moments at Mount Meron.

The weeks and then the months piled up and most Mondays we opened the new week with a collective deep breath before moving forward with our work, even if how far forward we could plan remained unclear.

As we enter December, I pray that you and yours are safe and healthy. It is difficult to capture the complexity, loss, and also the resilience and strength we have witnessed in 2020.

I know that a vicious terror attack at a shul, one you pass by frequently, one in your own beautiful neighborhood and of course, one in which you might have raised your own voice in sacred prayer is never too far from your memory. How can it not be?