Pictured: Wexner NY I “kids” Sara Waxman (daughter of Spencer and Bettina Waxman); Ben Gargano (son of Laura Spitzer and Michael Gargano); and Benjamin Perla (son of Danny and Valerie Perla); at the JDC/Lauder Camp Szarvas, outside of Budapest, Hungary.

Camp Szarvas, founded in 1990, offers a unique international experience for 1500 youth each summer, including 75 U.S. Fellows, with campers hailing from over 25 countries. Szarvas, central to Jewish renewal in renascent Jewish communities in Eastern and Central Europe since the fall of communism, provides immersion in Jewish life, connection with Jewish peers from around the world, and serves as an incubator for Jewish leadership. My Wexner Heritage NY I Class finished in 2003. Imagine our delight 10 years later that our “Wexner” bond and values were carrying forward.

Laura Spitzer, a Wexner Heritage Alumna from NewYork I, serves as JDC’s Assistant Executive Vice President for Strategic Partnerships.  Laura can be reached at laura.spitzer@jdcny.org.