In its first year, the Wexner Heritage Alumni Delegates Council has planned and executed more than 40 local events in 27 out of the 31 communities where the Heritage Program has run since its inception in 1985. In some of the communities, such as Boston, Philadelphia, or Connecticut, where there has not been a Heritage class since 1991, the alumni delegates have managed to rekindle the connection amongst fellow alumni in well attended gatherings. The network has begun to teem with energy as these local reunions have sparked new alliances and projects, and also given Heritage alumni an awareness of the Wexner Network not just in their own cities, but nationally, globally, and online. The delegates met this past Sunday and Monday in Chicago to consider “What’s Next? How and Why Will We Galvanize Jewish Leadership?” 

They spoke with a delegate from the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alumni Council, Rabbi Josh Feigelson, as well as the Chairman of the Wexner Israel Fellowship Alumni Council, Dana Savoray, to begin thinking together about how, and more importantly, toward what end(s), the councils might work together to better connect Wexner Alumni across the globe. To find out more about the WHA Council and how you can become more involved, please contact your local delagte (click here download an excel document of delegates).