Foundation Chairman Leslie Wexner was at the Harvard Kennedy School yesterday.  He taught a master class in leadership to our 40 Wexner Senior Leaders, who are participating in an Executive-in-Residence Program for the month and our year-long Wexner Israel Fellows.

Les emphasized that leaders must take responsibility for ongoing leadership development and that effective leaders self-coach.  “They know that leadership is not about them,” he stressed.  “It’s about me. It’s about constant learning, reading and reflection.”

The groups enjoyed watching how Les thinks and appreciated his focus on the relationship between curiosity and leadership.  One student noted how much they loved hearing Les relate that he “needs to leave the office to hear himself think” and that his creative ideas “often happen when he is on a plane, alone, moving in a tube through the air.” 

The Wexner Senior Leaders 2016 finish their second of four weeks at HKS on Friday.  The Wexner Israel Fellows will earn their degrees in May.