The Wexner Foundation created a three-part study series called the Joshua Series. These videos are approximately 18 minutes each, and feature three of our Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alumni (WGFA), leading teachers of Torah, who developed the texts and speak on the videos.

Whether you are digesting sweet potatoes or latkes (most likely both!), we thought you might add in this learning this session “Darkness And Light: The Essence Of Hanukkah” with WGFA (Class 11), Rabbi Ethan Tucker.

Please click here to access the Hannukah source materials.
Please click here to view the video.

Read aloud the source materials, then watch the video (by clicking on Rabbi Tucker’s photo above), and then discuss the guided questions about your responsibilities and goals within your Jewish Community with your family and guests. If you do, take a photo and send it in. Or, feel free to watch the video or download the source sheets any time.