One of the initiatives developed within our Summit Working Group we have named ourselves Stronger Together P2P (People to People)  is the twinning of US and Israeli lay leaders.  We are seeking Wexner alumni interested in participating in the twinning pilot program which will take place over the next 12 months.  The purpose of the twinning is to provide lay leaders with the opportunity to get acquainted with their peers on the other side of the ocean, both on a personal and professional level, to learn more about the non-profit and lay leadership environment in each place and to possibly identify opportunities to collaborate.  Whether you are a president, board member or volunteer in a non-profit organization or NGO, this program aims to match you with a lay leader that is active in the same type work.  Each pair will create a link in the chain of lay leaders, helping make both of our communities stronger, better and more caring for each other.

The goal of the program is to arrange approximately 5 online meetings of twinned pairs (if face-to-face meetings are possible that of course will be preferred) over the next 12 months.  In these meetings the following topics will be covered:  an overview and introductory discussion for all participants facilitated by us (which will include representatives of organizations involved with lay leadership development in each community); individual one-on-one introductions of each twinned pair; online participation of each twinned pair in their counterpart’s board meetings (to introduce themselves and the organizations in which they are active) and a summary meeting to discuss next steps and to provide feedback about the twinning to our Working Group.

We encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the fascinating work taking place in the non-profit sector in each place and to get to know some of the incredible people volunteering their time to make these organizations successful.  If you are interested, please contact either Jane Scher at or Nimrod Goor at


Group Members:
Kobi Barak, WSL ’15
Tal Bergman Levy, WSL ’15
Lior Bruker, WIF Alum Class 25
Carla Fenves, WGF Alum Class 19
Lorin Fife, WHP Alum Los Angeles 2
Michelle Fisher, WGF Alum Class10
Stephen Gaerber, WHP Alum Vancouver
Nimrod Goor, WHP Alum San Francisco 06
Anita Greenwald, WHP Alum NY/Westchester 07
Marshall Huebner, WHP Alum New York 1
Shalom Lipner, WIF Alum Class 16
Osnat Luxenberg, WSL ’15
Evan Muney, WHP Alum San Francisco 03
Ayala Parag, WIF Alum Class 5
Jane Scher, WHP Alum San Diego 1
Eyal Zandberg, WIF Alum Class 25