The Wexner Foundation is pleased to offer a videoconference with WGF alum (Class 3) Yosef Abramowitz and WIF alum Shuli Nezer (Class 20) on the recent Paris Climate Conference (COP21). The call will be facilitated by Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni, and will be open to your questions and comments. It will be exclusively accessible to members of the Wexner network. We will start with the following questions and then open to participants’ questions and discussion:

1. What were the primary accomplishments of the talks and, in your opinion, how were they accomplished? For example, what negotiation, communication, preparation or leadership skills were apparent and at play?
2. What does the agreement mean for the world and, through an Israeli prism, how will it influence Israel’s future?
3. How did it feel to be an Israeli there (as there is often anti-Israel sentiment at international gatherings)? Was it more or less hostile than usual? Why or why not?

Wednesday, February 24
7:00 AM PST – 10:00 AM EST – 17:00 Israel time
with Yosef Abramowitz and Shuli Nezer
Click here to RSVP and receive dial-in instructions. 

Yosef “Yossi” Abramowitz, an American-Israeli human rights activist, educator and entrepreneur is recognized as one of the pioneers of the solar energy industry in both Israel and East Africa. Named by CNN as one of the six top global “Green Pioneers,” by PV Tech as “one of the most inspiring solar CEOs” worldwide, and as Person of the Year by the Israel National Business and Energy Conference, Abramowitz is co-founder of the Arava Power Company, Israel’s leading solar developer. Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, Abramowitz heads Energiya Global Capital, an impact investment platform that provides healthy returns to investors while advancing the environmental and humanitarian goals of providing affordable green power to underserved populations as a fundamental human right. Yosef can be reached at

Shuli Nezer has served as Director of the Air Quality and Climate Change Department at the Ministry of Environmental Protection for almost ten years. Her responsibilities include the preparation and implementation of national air quality and climate change policy, the development of legislation and regulations for air pollution reduction and public health safety and the determination of climate change mitigation policy. She represents Israel in climate change discussions and negotiations in various forums in the international arena. Shuli started her career as an air quality supervisor in one of the Ministry’s district offices and was then promoted to the Ministry’s headquarters as a hazardous materials and industries coordinator. She received a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering and an M.Sc in Environmental Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, and a Master’s in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University as a Wexner Israel Fellow. Shuli can be reached at

Tech and RSVP Information

We will be using a new technology called Zoom, which is similar to Skype. Zoom allows up to 100 people to participate in our videoconferences, and is free to use. You will need to be at a computer, iPad or smartphone with internet, camera, mic and speakers to participate fully. If you don’t have a camera or mic at your computer, you can still “zoom in” – as long as you have internet and speakers you will be able to listen in, just like a conference call. You can dial in from a phone and will be in “listen only mode.”  To register and receive instructions and texts which will be used during the sessions, please email Serena Covkin.