Many Wexnerites have had their voice published on various sites around the web.  We have compiled a recent list.

Israel’s Response Is Proportionate to Hamas’s Threat

Ami Ayalon (WIFA, Class 3), a former director of Israel’s security agency Shin Bet, wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times on July 23, 2014.

We do not measure ethics and morality by counting dead bodies. The fact that many more Palestinians than Israelis have died does not mean that our cause, or this war, is not just. Many more Germans than Americans died in World War II. Does that mean that Hitler was right and America was wrong?

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Finding Unity in a Bomb Shelter

Rabbi Aaron D. Panken, Ph.D, (WGFA, Class 8)  President of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, wrote a piece for JTA on July 22, 2014.

When the siren sounded, the Rolling Stones’ tortured 1969 track “Gimme Shelter” popped into my head, oddly enough.  That haunting song offered a stunning reminder of the endless horrors of war, reawakening a sleepy world with a vivid musical picture of human pain in times of combat. Merry Clayton’s evocative vocalization of disturbing lyrics over a harsh musical background focused global attention on the awful realities of the Vietnam War.

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