Alumni of the Atlanta ‘10 Wexner Heritage class are pleased to announce the launch of the Wexner Atlanta 10 Giving Collaborative.  The fund arose from our class’s desire to have a collective impact on the Jewish community in Atlanta.  We are committed to help strengthen our Jewish community by funding Jewish social entrepreneurs and the innovative and promising causes they champion.

The fund, which will be distributing a maximum of $20,000 in grants, is intended to give financial support and organizational guidance to organizations or programs that meet the following requirements:

  • Have been in operation in Atlanta for two years or less (preferably).  Note that national organizations with an Atlanta operation are eligible to apply (so long as the local Atlanta presence meets the above standard) or that have a plan for an Atlanta operation;
  • Classified as a 501(c)(3) status or have a fiscal sponsor that is a 501(c)(3).
  • Have at least one full-time paid or volunteer employee;
  • Have independent budget authority for the project;
  • Are willing to have a Wexner Atlanta 10 member serve on their Board;
  • Are in the process of or have established a working Board with a clear organizational vision and fundraising plan.


Funding Details:

  • Typical grants will be approximately $5,000 or be in increments of approximately $5,000.
  • Grants are for 1 year, and we anticipate encouraging grantees to apply for a second year of funding, pending availability of funding. 
  • The Collaborative has a bias toward organizations who are NOT already regular recipients of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta allocations.  A new program within an existing institution is eligible to apply so long as the program has been in operation for 2 years or less AND serves the community at large, not just the members of that particular  institution. 
  • Funds granted must be used during the project’s specified timeframe.
  • Funds may not be used for any other project or for other organizational operating expenses.
  • Any unused funds shall be returned to the Wexner Atlanta 10 Giving Collaborative.  Any prospective changes to the project grant must be discussed with the Wexner Atlanta 10 Giving Collaborative prior to any changes from the application as submitted.

Interested organizations or programs can download the grant proposal application here and the mandatory financial document here.  These documents will provide the Wexner Atlanta 10 Giving Collaborative with additional information about the program or organization for which they are seeking funding.

The final full proposal is due by noon Eastern time on May 24, 2013.  Please submit the proposal and attachments to Kellee Rosenberg at  The proposal, with all pages numbered, should include the Wexner Atlanta 10 Giving Collaborative Grant Application Cover Sheet.

Grantees will be asked to submit the following two reports.  Specific reporting criteria will be finalized with each grantee.

Initial 90 day status report since receiving grant – Due October 1, 2013.
End of year status report – Due June 15, 2014.
If your recent Wexner Heritage Class would like to use this as a model for your own community, we are happy to speak with you.

Matthew Lieberman, an alum of the Atlanta 10 Wexner Heritage Class studied at Yale College and attended Yale Law School. Matthew has been involved in a number of Jewish Organizations. From 2005-2007, Matthew was head of Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta.  He has also been involved in AIPAC and last year was named Co- President of JNF (Jewish National Fund). Matthew Lieberman owns Compass Benefits, Inc., a benefits firm, and has two children, Tennessee and Willie.