The Wexner Foundation is pleased to announce three new classes of the renowned Wexner Heritage Program with dynamic volunteer leaders from Cincinnati, OH, Rochester, NY and Seattle, WA. In Cincinnati the program is supported by a partnership with the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati; in Rochester, with the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation; and in Seattle, the Samis Foundation and The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle along with alumni of the program and other donors.
Twenty outstanding volunteers from each city were selected through a highly competitive process for this two-year intensive program. Utilizing the diverse, cohort-based learning that is the hallmark of The Wexner Foundation programs, Wexner Heritage Members will be exposed to different approaches to leadership and tools for addressing pressing issues in the Jewish community, while deepening their understanding of Jewish history, values and texts. Members will also be integrated into The Wexner Foundation’s vast network of more than 3,000 professional and volunteer leaders in North America and Israel. 

Members in Cincinnati
Michael Bergman
Chrissie Blatt
Motti Edelstein
Vallie Freeman
Lori Frischer
Louis Goldner
Miriam Hodesh
Elisa Hoffman
Brian Jaffee
Denis Joseph
Tracy Juran
Marie Krulewitch- Browne
Robyn Lamont
Ernesto Levy
Ben Lindy
Cindy Loon
Danielle Minson
Brett Stern
Sherri Symson
Katharine Vogel

Members in Rochester
Deborah Biedenkopf
Lauren Deutsch
Eitan Freedenberg
Monica Gebell
Leah Goldman
Kate Goldstein
Sharon Gray
Mitch Gruber
Monica Gurell
Yoram (Rami) Katz
Yosef Kilimnick
Daniel Kinel
Irena Pesis-Katz
Marc Reich
Susan Rizzo
Scott Rogoff
Tiffany Rothenberg
Pauline Rutberg
Matthew Ryen
Martin Spokony
Members in Seattle
Etan Basseri
Marc Bridge
Lisa Narodick Colton
Marla Dunn
Miriam Friedman
Rachel Lauter
Aaron Levine
Hoda Mezistrano
Lindsay O’Neil
Brooke Pariser
Tara Reck
Leslie Rosen
Danielle Ruthfield
Jonathan Schwartz
Jacob Shuman
Arthur Shwab
Monique Smith
Yoav Srebrnik
Michael Tarlowe
Miri Tilson
The Wexner Foundation has more than 30 years of experience developing excellence in Jewish professionals and volunteer leaders in North America. The mission of the Wexner Heritage Program is to expand the vision of Jewish volunteer leaders, deepen their Jewish knowledge and confidence and inspire them to exercise transformative leadership in the Jewish community.  More than 2,000 leaders from 34 North American cities have participated in the program. 

“We are delighted to welcome these 60 outstanding leaders as they embark upon a transformative journey of Jewish learning and leadership development in the Wexner Heritage Program,” said Rabbi Jay Henry Moses, Vice President of The Wexner Foundation. “We know that they will take their place alongside the more than 2000 highly accomplished alumni of the program as visionary change agents in Jewish life. We are so grateful to our partners in these three communities who share Les and Abigail Wexner’s vision of investing in the future of our community by offering training and enrichment to the volunteer leaders that will guide us into the next generation.”