Wexner Heritage San Francisco 11 marked the completion of our two year Wexner Heritage seminar experience with a raucous, joyous celebration.  Our parting offerings to each other, our “otot” (letters or signs, as in “signs and wonders”) included thoughtfully crafted blessings, inspiring teachings, and, of course, headlamps.  The headlamps symbolize our hope that we will create paths for those who choose to follow, that we continue to recognize the divine spark within each, and that we keep our hands free to talk Torah and drink great wine. 

We concluded with Rabbi Jay Moses’ eerily appropriate preselected text study, a story from the Rabbi of Rizhyn: “…when a man walks through the woods on a dark night, and for a time another joins him, lantern in hand, but at the crossroads they part, and the first must grope his way on alone.  But if a man carries his own light with him he need not be afraid of any darkness.”
Marci Glazer is a member of the San Francisco 11 Wexner Heritage cohort that will graduate this summer in Israel.  Marci serves on the board of the JCC of San Francisco.  Most recently she led the philanthropic programs for Flip Video at Cisco Systems. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Jonathan and daughter Samantha.  Marci can be reached at marci.glazer@gmail.com.