Marketing expert Gary Wexler published an article this week in which he delineates 10 marketing challenges the BDS movement has thrown up for those who are working to counter it. Acknowledging how formidable a foe the BDS movement is to those would like to meet them on the marketing/PR battlefield, Gary writes that someday he’d like to teach a graduate seminar on what they did — and how they ultimately failed. To read the article, reprinted with permission,
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Gary Wexler, a Wexner Heritage Alum from LA Westfield, has been a creative director at major international ad agencies, creating big campaign ideas and award winning ads and branding for clients ranging from Coca Cola to Apple Computer. He has also consulted to more than one thousand nonprofits, including Steven Spielberg’s Foundations, United Way, Ford Foundation, Jewish Federations, and The Lambi Fund of Haiti. As a University Adjunct at USC/Annenberg , he creates curricula and teaches both Nonprofit Marketing, as well as the Theory of Creativity through Advertising and Copywriting. He also runs the blog “”, being read weekly by thousands of people worldwide. Gary can be reached at