The Sunday of President’s Day Weekend, The Wexner Foundation brought Rabbi Yitz Greenberg to Columbus to share his thoughts and his legacy through a day long filming session meant to capture his seminal message, The Triumph of Life.  The video will be shared with the Wexner network when ready, as well as other organizations and future generations.

As the film is meant to celebrate Yitz’ life work, I thought I too would share some recollections because, like so many alumni, what I learned from Yitz changed my perspective, altered my actions, and enhanced my life.  I can turn to one particular chapter of one particular book that captured what too many years of Hebrew School failed to teach and crystallized my sense of Judaism and its role in my life and the world.  It was Yitz’s introduction of Passover in his book “The Jewish Way.”  I still recall introducing myself to Yitz at the Aspen institute in 1992 and sharing the impact his writing had on my appreciation of Judaism.  He greeted me warmly and invited me to sit. 

Although we had both aged by two decades since we last studied together, when I was with him in Columbus it felt like we had only been apart for weeks.  It was the same Yitz; the same intelligence, the same distillation of complex thoughts, and the same sincere dedication to a Judaism based on choosing life, striving toward egalitarianism, working toward Tikum Olam, and recognizing that there are no neutral choices.     

I was fortunate to be included in that intimate setting, and although I finished my formal coursework as a Heritage member more than 20 years ago, what I learned then and now resonates with me every day. 

Kyle Katz, a Wexner Heritage Alum (Columbus ’92) is a Columbus-based entrepreneur concentrating on real estate investment and development.  He has been engaged as a communal leader for nearly 30 years, and together with his wife April is raising five children. Kyle can be reached at