Announcing the “Dear Abby” Jewish marketing forum. It’s free. Post your question with your Jewish organizational marketing conundrum, and I (or my business partner, Moira Schwartz) will respond. Thirty years of marketing experience is yours for the taking: Coca Cola. Apple. More than 150 Jewish organizations in the US, Canada and Israel. Nearly 1000 nonprofits worldwide.  

Let’s open up a discussion among all of us. Let others with ideas and experience weigh in. Create the best strategies and ideas to realize your Jewish communal goals through this blog – where better than through The Wexner Foundation? Let’s begin.

Like so many of you who were blessed to go through a Wexner Program, I feel enormous gratitude to the Foundation and would like to give back to the growing network of Wexner alumni, members, and fellows.

Post your question in the “comment” box below and I will choose one question each week and answer with the best solutions.

Gary Wexler, a Wexner Heritage Alum from LA Westfield, has been a creative director at major international ad agencies, creating big campaign ideas and award winning ads and branding for clients ranging from Coca Cola to Apple Computer. He has also consulted to more than one thousand nonprofits, including Steven Spielberg’s Foundations, United Way, Ford Foundation, Jewish Federations, and The Lambi Fund of Haiti. As a University Adjunct at USC/Annenberg , he creates curricula and teaches both Nonprofit Marketing, as well as the Theory of Creativity through Advertising and Copywriting. He also runs the blog “”, being read weekly by thousands of people worldwide.