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Research shows that games include essential learning processes that can increase students’ engagement and motivation and make them truly fall in love with educational-related learning.

Jewish professionals will receive professional development and education in leadership and Judaic studies over the course of three years

Last April, we experienced the first COVID-19 lockdown. We were trying to make sense of the events that were unfolding across the globe and to assess the immediate impact on our organizational and personal lives.

I am a certified divorce coach, something I never announce without also adding in the same breath and almost as if one word, “- which-does-not-mean-I-promote-divorce.”

Wexner Alumni are invited to participate in a new study of leaders in Jewish life today.

For many years, The Wexner Foundation addressed this problem, which may be referred to as the knowing-doing gap, through Alumni programs offering a combination of Harvard refresher courses and Alumni-led case studies and peer-learning opportunities.

Throughout this period, I have been asking myself ,“Are we okay right now?” I ask this question in the context of my home life, and I ask it as leader in the Jewish community.

Most Jewish professionals have been trained and have aimed to follow best practices accordingly. All of that changed in 2020. We all entered a world of unknowns, uncertainties and certainly a severe gap in the ability to predict or plan.

But the Jewish version of “synergy” is much older, literally dating back to Genesis. Why was “That it was good” not said on the second day of creation?

2020 was, undoubtedly, a very negative year. 2021 will be, we pray and predict, a much more positive year. Here’s the rationale: