As Saeb Erekat and Tsipi Livni flew to Washington, 17 intrepid Wexner Heritage Members participated in the overnight trip “An Inconvenient Truth: Israel and the Environment,” where they learned how Israel grapples with some of its environmental challenges. 9 miles north of the Gaza strip, at the Ashkelon Desalination Plant, the cubic equivalent of 16 million one-liter plastic bottles are converted into drinking water every hour, supplying Israel with 17% of its drinking water; and as a side benefit, gas produced by the process is recycled to power the normally coal fired power plant just to its north.
Here were some comments heard during the day:

“Hard hats might be normal for such an industrial visit, but when your guide tells you to keep your eyes on him during the noisy parts of the tour because if there is a siren, you have only 15 seconds to get to a shelter, you remember where you are.”

“People are using a new Hebrew term — “LosAngelezatzia” — to describe urban sprawl in Israel.”

““It’s Complicated” would have been a better hashtag for this trip.”

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