The Wexner Foundation is pleased to offer a video conference with Colonel (Res.) Miri Eisen ​to ​discuss what led up to the results and what lies ahead. The call will be facilitated by Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni, and will be open to your questions and comments. Exclusive for all members of The Wexner Network.

Wednesday, March 18

9:00 am PST – 12:00 pm EST – 18:00 Israel time

Colonel (Res.) Miri Eisen

“Israeli Elections The Day After: What Happens Now?”

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Col. (Res.) Miri Eisin served in the Israeli intelligence community and retired from active duty at the rank of full colonel in 2004. Over her twenty-year career in the military she served as the deputy head of the combat intelligence corps, the personal assistant to the Director of Military Intelligence and as the intelligence officer in combat units and research departments. After retiring from the military Miri served as the Israeli Prime Minister's international media advisor from the second Lebanon war until the end of 2007. Over the last ten years Miri has been one of Israel's main presenters, speaking on regional geo-politics and security-related issues in the media worldwide. She teaches at the Inter-disciplinary Center in Herzeliya, and works extensively with the media, student groups and diplomats. Miri is a fellow at the Center for International Communication at Bar Ilan University. Miri holds a BA from Tel Aviv University in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science, an MA from Haifa University in Security Studies and is a graduate of the Israeli national defense college. In addition to her public advocacy activities, Miri is on the boards of the Israeli NDU alumni, Ramat Hasharon community centers and Takdim, Israel's first community foundation. Miri also happens to be married to Wexner Israel Fellowship alum Gillad Eisen (Class 16).

Tech and RSVP Information

We will be using a new technology called Zoom, which is similar to Skype and Google Hangout. Zoom allows up to 100 people to participate and is free to use. You will need to be at a computer, iPad or smartphone with internet, camera, mic and speakers to participate fully. If you don’t have a camera or mic at your computer, you can still “zoom in” – as long as you have internet and speakers you will be able to listen in, just like a conference call. You can dial in from a phone and will be in “listen only mode.”  To register and receive instructions and texts which will be used during the sessions, please email Aliza Storchan. As registration is limited to 100 participants each session, please register only for the sessions you are certain to attend.


Please also hold the date for our next video conference:

Wednesday, March 25th

7:30 am PST – 10:30 am EST – 16:30 Israel time

Rabbi David Ingber

"Who Knows 15? I Know 15. (The 15 Holy Steps of the Seder)"

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