The UN Commission of Inquiry on Gaza is currently soliciting testimony, from “a wide range of victims of alleged violations“— which ostensibly also includes Israelis —  in the context of  the Gaza hostilities. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights has done much to publicize this call for information gathering amongst Gazans, while most Israelis aren’t aware of it and therefore, the evidence gathered will only tell the Palestinian side of the story. 

So, I spent yesterday and this morning writing text for a bare-bones website — — to inform Israelis they too can submit written testimony and how to do so. I‘m absolutely not a fan of victimhood competitions, but the Commission needs to be exposed to the reality that the Palestinians have no monopoly on suffering.

The deadline for submission is January 31st so it is important to spread the word. Also I could use someone who is willing to donate some time to translate the site speedily — just a few pages — to Hebrew, Russian, French – maybe Amharic. Feel free to repost and to forward this to anyone who might be a candidate for submission.

Elihu Stone, a Wexner Heritage alum (Boston 2), practiced law and provided financial services in Boston. He relocated to Efrat, Israel in 2007 with his family. Eli has had significant communal board experience including the Executive Board of the Jewish Community Day School, the New England Board of The American Friends of The Weizmann Institute of Science, and the Board of the Gateways (a merger of Etgar L’Noar and JSEC — the Jewish Special Education Collaborative). He can be reached at