The Alumni Incentive Grants program was launched to inspire new collaborations among alumni of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program in order to foster cross-fertilization, communication and collaboration within the Wexner/Davidson leadership community.

These Alumni Incentive Grants are created in partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation and embody The Wexner Foundation’s commitment to nurturing a network of Jewish professional leaders.  The overall pool of grants awarded represents the diversity of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship alumni community. A selection committee composed of Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alumni reviewed all of the applications and selected the grant recipients. Each grant is $5,000 for a one-year term, for a total of $55,000 distributed this grant cycle.

The following collaborations were awarded an incentive grant, with the alumni involved and their class numbers:

  • Avoiding Burnout while Working with a Traumatized People: Strategies for Healing, Nurture, and Comfort in Jewish Communal Work - Rayzel Raphael, Class 2; Annie Lewis, Class 20; Judd Levingston, Class 1; Philadelphia, PA
  • Building a Singing Community in the Twin Cities with Joey Weisenberg  - Michael Adam Latz, Class 8 and Mara Benjamin, Class 11; Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
  • Collaboration between Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Mechon Hadar - Jacob Cytryn, Class 20; Elie Kaunfer, Class 15; Yael Bendat-Appell, Class 15; Chicago, IL and New York, NY
  • Conversation around Pluralism in Jewish Summer Camping in Colorado - Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, Class 20 and Tamra Dolin, Class 1; Denver, CO
  • Differentiating Assessment - Assessing Learning for Different Kinds of Learners - Effy Unterman, Class 19 and Robin Judd, Class 5; Columbus, OH
  • Innovation Capacity-Building for Hillel - Julie Roth, Class 12,  and Serena Eisenberg, Class 9; Princeton, NJ and Stanford, CA
  • Leaning in for Elders: The LIFE Project - Joseph Berman, Class 18 and Sara Paasche-Orlow, Class 4; Boston, MA
  • "Libi Eir" Fellows Cohort at Libi Eir Community Mikveh - Ari Gauss, Class 13 and Jenny Solomon, Class 10; Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC
  • Maine Conference for Jewish Life - Rachel Isaacs, Class 19 and Akiva Herzfeld, Class 16; Maine
  • Shamayim V’Aretz Institute - Shmuly Yanklowitz, Class 19; Beth Cousens, Class 14; and Jacob Labenz, Class 19; national
  • Weekly Cross-Denominational Beit Midrash - Ethan Tucker, Class 11 and Asher Lopatin, Class 5; New York, NY

Future Wexner Foundation newsletters will feature articles highlighting these initiatives.  For more information on the collaborations listed, please email the recipients. You can find their emails using the Member Search on our new website by clicking here  The guidelines for the Incentive Grants can be found here.